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Wellington 6021, New Zealand

Rollo is a large mix breed dog I adopted from the spca as a puppy about 4 years ago, he is a big goofball, a gentle giant with a lovely nature. Rollo loves playing with balls and sticks and other dogs, he unfortunately has hip dysplasia so his level of exercise needs to be monitored as he would quite happily play all day or go for big hikes but hes gets sore afterwards if he overdoes it. His ideal exercise routine would involve 1-2 medium sized walks a day and a little play and socializing. Rollo got himself into some trouble with another dog about 8 months ago and was reported resulting in him having to wear a muzzle in public, he is not an aggressive dog and gets on well with most other dogs, he loves puppy’s, and is good with kids, he has only very occasionally thrown his weight around a dog he dislikes but never biten, he doesn’t like greyhounds, I think he’s scared of them, in saying all this I think he is a very typical dog with typical behaviour but because of his size and strength he needs someone who can handle him, he is very well behaved for me and knows all his basic commands, he knows how to sit, wait, walk politely on a lead and come when he is called when he is off lead. If you like big dogs he will melt your heart very quickly I guarantee.

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