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Nelson 7010, New Zealand

Pepper is a sweet-natured black labrador whose ears perk up when we she hears the word “walk”. She walks well on the lead, and loves checking out smells along the way. When off the lead she won’t ever go out of sight, and is pretty casual with other dogs – a quick sniff to say hello and that’s it (despite having an impressive set of hackles!).  The Maitai River, Centre of NZ or the Botanics are her normal sniffing-grounds.  She also loves the beach but unlike many labs she’s never keen to get wet unless coaxed (good news for the car ride home!). She’s not a high energy dog (not interested in fetching sticks or balls), so that makes her a good companion for carers of all ages.

She goes on a long walk every evening with us, but would never say no to an additional walk in the morning or during the day.

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