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Wellington 6011, New Zealand

Milo is a gentle Swiss Shepherd. She’s been spayed, after having 2 litters. She’s 5 and a half years old. She loves going out for walks, preferably off lead in a dog park or beach. She loves to chase balls and generally brings them back to you. She’s a friendly dog towards people and doesn’t jump up or bark. I’ve never heard her growl. The only difficulty I have with her is that she will get very excited when she sees a cat or sometimes a small dog who she thinks might be a cat when walking on her lead. I use a harness which helps and I’ve never had any major problems,but you have to be strong enough to hold her back in these situations. I’m in the process of trying to distract her with treats to see if this works. She’s very well behaved in cars and in all other situations. Because she loves being around people and other dogs, I would like her to have companionship when I go out. She is also a dog who would never tire of going out for walks, the longer the better 🙂

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