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Brightwater 7095, New Zealand

Milly is a 10-year-old lab collie cross. She’s generally a happy, social and relaxed dog who loves hanging out with her favourite people (anyone and everyone!) She loves nothing more than to have a belly rub as a reward after bringing a random shoe or item of clothes to greet you. She’d be considered a shocking guard dog as is so happy to see someone at the gate!

She loves children and is incredibly patient with them but she isn’t always aware of her tail when excited and has, on occasion, knocked over a little child. Milly loves swimming, gentle little walks, and just mucking around with the family. Ideally we’d love someone who wanted to hang out with Milly a couple of times a week as she gets lonely while we’re at work and school. Milly is keen to go swimming and is good at recall etc (especially if you’ve got treats in your pocket!)

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