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Pohangina 4775, New Zealand

Mali is an absolute little darling. I know that Chiahuahua are often referred to as land sharks, but the only time we see this come out is in the presence of other dogs… with people (children, older, it doesn’t matter) he’s a total sweetie and loves cuddles.

Although it might help his adjustment in the long run, to save your ears it would be better if you didn’t have a dog of your own!  He has a pretty decent bark on him for a little guy of only 3.5 kg, and he’s happy to use it for other dogs.

Mali is perfectly good and happy as an indoor dog, and can sleep more than half the day away and then proceed to sleep the whole night too.  He’s well toilet trained, just let him out a couple of times a day and he’s good, he’ll hold on all night too.

He loves walks, and has been up to 8km at one go, although he has to be in the right mood to go that far.  If he gets over it, he’ll just start sniffing everything, delaying, looking backwards all the time, and eventually plant his feet and say “no more”, but then you can just pick him up and he cuddles in for a bit of a rest break.

Mali is a food vacuum cleaner, he’ll suck up anything that even looks a bit like food, and also things that shouldn’t be food too such as tissues, but he is pretty good at leaving things like lego alone.

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