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Auckland 1010, New Zealand

Mack is a 3 year old fox terrier poodle cross.  He is a small shaggy black dog with a little white beard.  He stands about knee high and weighs 10kg.

Mack is a very energetic and quirky little dog, with an outgoing personality.  He is a real character!  He loves almost all people he meets, even strangers, and most other dogs he meets.  He is feisty and can be a bit territorial – he sometimes reacts to other dogs when he’s on leash, especially close to home/on his own ‘patch’.  In those situations, distance is our friend – we keep an eye on what/who is coming up, and if necessary do a quick turn around and walk the other way.

Mack is a smart dog, he loves doing training and learning new tricks.  He  is obsessed with catching balls and chasing sticks/toys.  He barks (very loudly) when he’s excited and wants to play – but we ask him to sit, be quiet and wait – only then do we throw the ball or stick for him to catch.  If he keeps barking, we don’t play – he knows the rules!

Mack has always lived with us in our apartment.  We take him on at least 2 walks every day, plus additional toileting trips outside as needed.

However since we moved from one apartment to another in the same building in early 2019, he has developed separation anxiety, becoming significantly distressed when we leave him alone, and has started barking very loudly and persistently when we leave him.  This is particularly awkward as we live in an apartment building!

Most of the time we are able to arrange our schedules so that Mack comes with us to most places, or one of us is at home with him (I work from home).  When we go away on holiday, Mack goes to a boarding kennel where he is very happy – he doesn’t give us a backward glance.  His separation anxiety only happens when we leave him alone at home.

It would be really good to find people living close by, who are unable to own their own dog but would like to look after a dog for short periods, such as the occasional afternoon or evening (for example if we wanted to go out somewhere where Mack couldn’t come with us).  People with previous experience of owning and/or handling dogs would be ideal.

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