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Kawarau Gorge 9384, New Zealand

Jazz hasn’t been around many dogs, and is very aware of anything that looks/sounds or might be another dog. He even reacts to barking or dogs on TV (or any other animal, whether it’s a cat, mouse, cow, horse, monkey or hippopotamus, especially if running). It can sometimes be a hoot to watch him barking furiously at the TV. When we are away, he spends time at a kennel (he thinks he’s at a holiday camp) and we are told that he’s fine with other dogs. He needs more socializing.

Going for walks is always fun. We live just out of town near the Kawarau River and that is where we go for off-lead walks. On-lead walking is not one of his strong points and we have found that Jazz has “a thing” about moving cars. It’s impossible to walk in town because of this. He will bark, lunge and spin all about and is completely uncontrollable in this situation. Given the chance, he would be a chronic car chaser.

Jazz would NOT get along with cats or other small furry animals. We have rabbits on our section. They either drive him wild if he is inside or they fill him with delight if he’s outside and can chase them.

When we have visitors, he’s pretty excited for 5 minutes or so, but then settles down.

He loves attention. Scratching under the chin or behind his ears is very acceptable. Even though he’s a largish dog, he really is a lap dog, and loves being invited to get on your lap and sleep or watch TV with you.

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