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Hudson (huddy)

Type of pet



Taupo 3377, New Zealand

Huddy is a bichon / shitzu x – he doesn’t shed fur and have that dog smell – lol – he gets bathed once a week and is a dear little fella – he is food driven and energetic – he is a bit of a puller on the lead, BUT is great at parks in open spaces – he is a bit of a pain with cats because he is fascinated by them and gets up in their grill – if they run – he will chase BUT will not attack – is a sissy.  He has no road sense at all.
He doesnt realllllllllllllllllllly like being picked up and will roll over but you could pick him up and put him in a high vehicle etc no problem..if you lift him out he sort of jumps up into your arms like a child..hahah..likes the water BUT only goes up to his armpits – is not a stick chaser but will find something like a stick to chew on if you were at the lake or a beach..ok with kids who are older, not babies (he hsant been around them to feel comfortable)..he is good with other dogs, prefers bigger dogs and not overly fond of puppies – its like he doesn’t have the patience lol ..if you sit quietly ..he will sit quietly..likes lying around and snoozing..it doesnt take much to get him tired..but does need exercise of some sort..he likes running …likes farmy type open spaces where he can just frisk and sniff…he sometimes gets ‘short mans syndrome’ and has a bit of attitude, never bites but can tell other dogs to back off if they get in his face lol..

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