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Nelson, New Zealand

Recently rehomed collie cross. Can be timid, LOVES people once she knows who they are. Walks well on a lead and recall is improving (better in a place she knows and feels safe in). We think she has some hearing problems so is much better to a whistle noise than her name. She loves familiar walks and often walks well off the lead in these sorts of environments (we have access to a walkway from our house). Walks well on the path but can get a bit startled by big loud trucks. Doesn’t pull on her lead.

Doesn’t show much interest in other animals, including dogs. Likes to stay close to her human friends and doesn’t tend to go far (unless she gets spooked). Someone who likes cuddles and companionship (particularly week days) would be great, as Hazy would suit this more than a traditional busy loud dog environment all day every day.

6 years old.

Would be happy to consider teaming up with another pet owner and trying to introduce animals to allow for pet sharing however Hazy may be a bit spooked inside someone else’s home at first (she used to be an outdoor dog). We don’t know how she would like the company of a dog that is super high energy or playful indoors and she’d rather just do her own thing or have a cuddle near a human. Hazy sleeps in her crate, with the door open & this seems to be her safe space. She is toilet trained.

We work 4 days a week, and have 3 day weekends so happy to try and juggle and support another working, local, dog owner.

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