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Eric, Chocolate and Max

Type of pet

Guinea pigs


Nelson 7011, New Zealand

We have three male guinea pigs. They are a father and his two sons, who we call the “twins” as they look alike. The father, Chocolate, will be five years old in March 2021, and the twins just turned four (in September 2020).

The three of them are happy hanging out together in grassy spots, and we tend to bring them inside when it is cold or wet. They are used to being patted and do not bite when stroked…though Chocolate especially will try to run away at first. He is the Dad so he still likes to pretend he is the boss, but Max and Eric are actually the courageous ones. They don’t squabble a lot though, and are used to humans. They are slightly neurotic and agoraphobic, as guinea pigs tend to be, and also extremely likable. They will line up and squeak when hungry, like a delegation of furry diplomats.

Favourite foods: silver beet, fine hay, grass or fresh grass clippings, dandelions, carrots and as a birthday treat we give them their absolute favourite: parsley. We also keep them a running supply of supermarket guinea pig nuts, and water.

We would be delighted to share our guinea pigs on occasional weeks with others who would protect and enjoy them.

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