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Nelson 7010, New Zealand

Coco, or “Princess Coco Chanel” is awesome. She is a retired greyhound and we have been lucky to have her for nearly three years now.

She is affectionate, and has an independent personality which is great for us when we work away from home.

We are looking for someone to share her with that can have her ideally in their home one day a week to spend time with while we are working away. You would need to have fenced section/area for her.

We love to take her with us whenever we can on holiday or to cafes and restaurants and she puts up with that with good grace, not much seems to faze her but you can tell when she has had enough as she sits down as far away as possible from us that the lead will allow 🙂

She is all about comfort, and would spend her day on the bed if we let her!

Not an off lead dog as she is pretty interested in cats so she gets a run around when we go to a secure property.

She can do a walk of up to an hour but she isn’t a mountainbiker or hiker dog for sure!

If you’d like the company of a chilled out hound with a bit of spark then she may be right for you.


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