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Richmond 7020, New Zealand

Casper is a Maltese/Bichon/Japanese Spitz cross. He is our family pet (3rd child)

He’s small white and fluffy. He loves walking particularly up in the hills. He loves company and doesn’t like being left alone for long.  He likes being involved in jobs around the house and going for a ride in the car.

Casper has been neutered but still thinks in his own wee mind that he is king and a Great Dane.  He is by nature  scared of new people and things and can growl to scare away new people who are getting into his space.  He is best with new people if they ignore him until he has time to sniff and adjust to them.  He is better with females and just takes longer to trust men.

Casper would do well with someone with patience and an understanding of doggy behaviour.



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