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Bracken & Clover

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Richmond 7020, New Zealand

Both our dogs are English Springer Spaniels. Bracken was born in Nov 2010 and he is really lovely boy. Clover was born in Oct 2016 and she is really sweet girl. They love being in company of people, pampered, stroked, cuddled but the most favorite thing is a run on the beach, in Jimmy Lee Creek Reserve, along the Wairoa river, on Rough island or up in Richmond hills. Bracken is great in fetching balls and sticks, cheeky Clover would get it but then lets Bracken to follow her and when she decides to drop the ball, he will bring it. They love swimming too and are trustworthy with children of all ages.

We rescued Bracken when he was 3 years old, he was in poor condition and it took us couple of months before he got back his strength and was fully fit. As a rescued dog he is really big softie and grateful dog. We have been lucky to get him because he is so sweet, gentle and loyal dog.

We were given Clover when she was just half a year old, she was stressed from spending too much time in kennels and it took us a week before she found out that get in to the car means to go and have a fun and not to go to “prison”. She is full of life and energy. She got strong hunting behavior that sometimes could be a little bit annoying. She is our little smart and intelligent cutie.

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