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New Zealand’s best dog-friendly​ walks, parks and beaches!

Share My Pet is sure every dog has its absolute favourite park or beach to visit. We are asking all our members and supporters to help us put together a guide for each town or community in NZ. That way we can share all our favourite doggie-friendly exercise areas – and new Carers can also use this guide to help them find safe and awesome places to take their new dog friends on a date.

Amazing new dog friendly walking site to keep an eye on!!!

Share My Pet recently got contacted by a member of the public who is creating a fantastic website for all places dog walking in both the North and South Island. We are so excited to have this fabulous resource to share with you all. To find out more go to

Please add a comment below or email us your favorite walks so that we can add it here.

Please add where your area is, how to find it, what makes the spot so fantastic and any safety features it has (e.g., fully fenced, fresh running water for dogs to drink, poo bags dispensed by the council or miles away from any roads). Please only post destinations that are open to the public and dogs. Together we can make a comprehensive dogs’ paradise guide for New Zealand.

When someone is doing it better , we are happy to let everyone know about it! Please check out and thedogcametoo. A wonderful resource full of dog friendly walks and hikes all around New Zealand. WOOF!

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  1. You might want to add a link to my website. I’ve currently about 200 walks in North Island listed, and many of them described; and in the next few days I will be adding about 200 for South Island.

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