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Parsley From Christchurch
Parsley From Christchurch

Parsley, the cottontail rabbit!

My boyfriend and I found him in our backyard very badly injured and he was just a baby of a few weeks old. We brought him to the vet and from then we took super care of him. We just fell in love with him! Parsley is currently 8 months old and believe it or not now is anything but wild.

I can talk about him for hours with tears at my eyes. Tears because I donโ€™t want to leave him, but something not very pleasant happened in our birth country and we have got to leave on the 21th April of this year for more or less 5 months away.

Care required: 5 months from the 21th of April 2019

Since he had appeared in our life weโ€™ve been treating him as a pet, letting him stay always at home with his toys, his litter tray where he always goes when he needs to (I love it) and his bunny bed. He loves playing with us when we lay on the floor, he loves climbing on our backs. Sometimes he wants to be picked up, sometimes not. When he wants to, heโ€™s very relaxed on our arms, he wants cuddles on his tiny head, on his back and as soon we stop it he starts licking (kissing) our hands, fingers. Such a sweet little boy!

I rather prefer leaving him to somebody who can take care of him here in NZ while we are away, than taking him with us and making him do 20.000 km to Italy plus the return( other 20.000 km), on a cargo plane! Just so unfair for Parsley.

Guys please feel free to come to our house and meet Parsley so you can meet him. He has been spoiled in a warm and cuddly house with all types of comfort, food and attention for him.

Please help us guys. We can also pay for his food, it is not a problem at all.

Thanks, Vanessa and Davide ๐Ÿ™‚

If you are interested in caring for Parsley please make contact with him owners via Parsleys profile on the website.

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