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Here’s Something For The Pussies

Here’s Something For The Pussies

New Zealand kitties and their servants listen up. In a market flooded for all things canine there is no need for the queens and kings of our households to miss out! Cat must haves and luxuries are being covered too- read on.

Online store Fang & Fur was founded by Caroline Moore in 2019 in response to a lack of quality products for cats in NZ. Products are sourced from all over the world. They are all made by either small companies or individual makers from quality materials. 

What Would Your Kitty Desire?

The products include collars and charms, toys, beds and houses, bowls, scratchers and treats. All the collars are handmade in the UK from Italian leather and are complemented by a range of collar charms. For extra bling some stones are made from semi-precious stones. The toys include  hilarious handmade felt catnip toys (tacos, fortune cookies, sardines, pizza and tattoo-style hearts). Available also are beautiful wands made by a small Japanese company.

The luxe sheepskins are made in NZ and come in a range of dreamy colours. For cats that prefer a more enclosed sleeping space, there are diamond-shaped houses in an array of designs. The store also carries designer bowls by Australian company Bendo, and beautifully decorated scratchers by Melbourne-based maker, Victoria Lock. For kitties who are partial to a bit of catnip, there’s an organic range by Colorado company, Purrvana. The store also offers a carefully curated range of pieces for humans which includes books, cards, t-shirts, bags, and other accessories.

The Master Mind Behind Fang & Fur

Caroline , a well-known cat fanatic, is based in Auckland where she lives with her partner and Fang & Fur assistant, Suzi Q. Suzi is an 11 year old tabby and white puss who ‘helps’ with all administrative tasks. She is the brand’s head meowdel, and tests all Fang & Fur kitty products.

Unfortunately the Fang & Fur whanau suffered a very sad loss at the start of the year when they had to say goodbye to their beloved Django. He was a big black and white boy with a big heart. His doofusness and loving nature are dearly missed. 

Caroline creator of Fang & Fur

For a quirky style and captivating images check out Fang & Fur’s Instagram and Facebook page

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