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Doggie Delights In NZ

Doggie Delights in NZ

Here are some extra special dog-friendly activities, treats and ideas on how to make your best fur friend’s day.

If you like the idea of buying your dog an ice cream that’s doggie friendly, ordering your pooch a pupcake to celebrate their birthday or joining a dog-friendly brunch with other like-minded people – read on!

Share My Pet has been researching places and people that go the extra mile to create special pup-friendly moments.

Share My Pet recently went on a three-week promotional tour around the South Island to promote pet-friendly NZ. We wrote a blog about travelling with dogs in NZ. We also added to our NZ pet-friendly Cafe and Restaurant directory.

Top Dog Destinations

Today we would like to share with you three wonderful organisations and places we have come across that offer a special service aimed at delighting our canine friends.

Local businesses thrive with support from their communities. To show your support for great initiatives like these, please attend their events and help spread the word. Tell all your dog-mad friends and their dogs!

Bobinski’s In-Home Dog Bakery

Bobinski’s is a dog bakery based in Luggate, near Wanaka. The idea behind Bobinski’s is to provide joy to dogs in the form of yummy wholesome treats packed with flavour.

Baked from their in-home bakery, owners Ben and Alexandra put their love into every bake. They do not use preservatives, food colouring, salt or added sugars.

Bobinski’s products are ideal to help celebrate a doggie birthday, as a gift to a friend or just as a treat for your best canine friend. They accept orders from the Queenstown and Wanaka regions. Bobinski’s treats are made and delivered especially for you.

Delight your pooch with a selection of PupCakes, Woofins and BO-Biscuits. Please see the link below for menu options and prices.

Bobinski’s doggie menu

About the creators of Bobinski’s

Share My Pet interviewed Ben and Alexandra, the couple who started Bobinski’s. Here is their heartfelt story, including the reasons behind starting the bakery.

As a New Zealand and American couple, we decided to integrate our love for dogs and baking.

Our dog, Rambo Bobinski, has travelled all the way from Texas to Wanaka. After losing his 15-year-old brother, Rocky, shortly after quarantine release, we wanted to spoil Rambo by making his own special treats.

We found ourselves baking way too many treats for Rambo to eat, so we decided to start Bobinski’s and just casually bake from our home.

The interest in our concept has been overwhelming. I never had to deal with death up until Rocky’s passing, and each day does not get easier – but his legacy lives on through a PupCake named after him. It gives us a chance to think about the good memories and seeing him happy and healthy. It brings us joy to know The Rocky is bringing joy and happiness to another dog. 

Bobinski’s gives us a fun way to provide joy to other dogs in the community and make friends through yummy wholesome treats packed with flavour. We use no preservatives, food coloring, salt or added sugars.

Rollickin Gelato

While on our Share My Pet three-week tour to help promote pet-friendly NZ, we were recommended a visit to Rollickin Gelato in Christchurch.

Boy, are we glad we went! Not only is Rollickin Gelato dog friendly, their ice cream is also delicious. Be warned! Their ice cream is so scrumptious we went back several times during our stay and blew our treat budget in a matter of days!

The staff are very dog friendly. too. We met a lovely lady who told us all about the doggie ice cream days that Rollickin Gelato is involved with. Ice cream days for dogs? YES PLEASE!!

Doggie Day Out with dog-friendly ice cream in Christchurch with Rollickin Gelato.

Rollickin Gelato Facebook

Rollickin’s WOOF WOOF Gelato

We had a chat with the creators behind WOOF WOOF Gelato and this is what they had to say:

It all kicked off when we noticed how many of our regular customers who bring their dogs were buying extra scoops for their dogs to lick. 

(We are dog-friendly with dog leash clips on our wooden outdoor tables & dog bowls, so we are a great place for dog parking!)

But our everyday “whippin gelato” is made with nutrient-rich organic milk – and dogs are lactose intolerant.

Our chefs began the research mission of creating a dog- and human-friendly flavour – so you can lick with your best mate.

Our team tested the flavour on their own pooches just to double-check they liked it.

We called our dog-friendly flavour WOOF WOOF.

It’s a whippin’ peanut butter & banana scoop.

Dog Safe Ice Cream

Just to be clear, we’ve done our research!

Some people might have concerns that peanut butter is unsafe for dogs. 

This is only true if it is a low-sugar/sugar-free sweetened peanut butter. These butters use an artificial sweetener called XYLITOL which is a sugar-alcohol. Humans can digest it. However, it can be deadly for cats and dogs in large quantities.

Our peanut butter DOES NOT contain any xylitol, nor do any of the other ingredients we use, so our Woof Woof flavour is perfectly safe for dogs.

We whip our WOOF WOOF flavour up whenever we have a dog walk, giving out free “dog scoops” for the fun of it and to help raise money for the SPCA.

Rollickin has had two dog walks and had massive turnouts with the free WOOF WOOF flavour. (Check out the Facebook video.)

Rollickin Gelato Facebook

Rollickin Gelato Intagram

Hamilton Doggie Highlights

Hamilton keeps popping up on our dog-friendly radar as a fun place to visit and live as a dog owner. Why? I think a big round of applause can go out to Fur Child Supply Co, who have been involved in some of the coolest dog-friendly vibes and events around.

Fur Child was recently involved with New Zealand’s first ever dog-friendly cinema event in Auckland. You can read more about that here.

Fur Child founder and creator Caitlyn and her pooch, Fin, are constantly creating new and exciting ways for humans to spend time with their pooches. These fun everyday activities, such as brunch with your pooch, pack walks and doggie days out, create lasting memories for everyone.

Fur Child Supply Co hosts a monthly Brunch Club with the aim of bringing together the dog community, while celebrating and supporting our dog-friendly eateries.

All are welcome at Brunch Club each month. It usually involves a large group brunch at a café, along with a pack walk and some off-lead playtime for the dogs.

Every month brings an eclectic collection of dogs of all shapes and sizes, and an opportunity to make new friends with like-minded people. 

The Kirk Cafe in Hamilton.

Amazing dog-friendly cafes

The Kirk Cafe in Hamilton is a little hidden gem of unexpectedly amazing food.

Head chef Ben creates incredible flavours and textures all in one dish. Owner Kersti encourages patrons from all walks of life to come and dine – and especially bring their puppers along.

The Kirk has a large covered deck which allows dogs to dine in all weather. The beautiful fenced lawn area allows for summertime dining.

Beautiful puppers enjoying their social time out together.

The Eatery and The Keg Room, Rototuna, in Hamilton’s north end, is New Zealand’s first pub to offer a dog menu.

They offer reasonably priced treats with anything from a doggyccino to meatballs in tomato sauce. And of course there are delicious tapas and bar snacks for the humans. 

The Keg Room also put on events during the year for the community, many of them charity-based for our doggy pals. One of these was New Zealand’s first Doggy Degustation, hosted recently, which involved six or seven courses for almost 40 dogs.

The Keg Room has a large street frontage with plenty of outdoor dining and room to bring your pup along.

This month The Eatery and The Keg Room will transform into a pop-up Christmas bar called Miracle at the Keg. It will include events especially for our doggy pals. Santa Paws will be in attendance on certain days! 

Want to find out more about dog-friendly cafes? Check out our recent blog for other pooch-friendly places throughout NZ.

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