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Competition Time!! The Name Game

Competition Time!! The Name Game

How many names does your pet have? Sure, they have their official name, the one registered with the vets and your pet insurance, but what about all those other cute, weird or plain silly names that appear when you talk, call or croon to your pets?

Share My Pets wants to know your pets ‘pet’ names! We are convinced every house hold pet has at least a few nick names and we would love to hear  them all!

Every time you enter your pet’s official name and then  their nicknames you go in the draw to win a family pass to the movies. The winner will be selected on hilarity, originality, amount of nick names and plain laughter factor.

Here’s an example from our 2 dogs;

Snout- baby lamb, Shnauzen, Snouticus Maximus

Miss Muppet- Smooch, Mini Mup, Mini, Muppetini, Mup, Muppalicious

Terms and Conditions

You may enter as many different pets as you like, either from your house hold or a friends.

A family pass includes 2 Adults and 2 children.

Any content submitted can be used by Share My Pet for advertising purposes

No explicit language

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