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COMPETITION TIME! Are You An Animal Wordsmith?

Share My Pet knows that as pet owners and animal lovers we can say some pretty weird, wonderful and original things about the pets we share our lives with. Share My Pet needs your help to create the first ever wacky Kiwi A -Z of new coined pet phrases, sayings and words you may say in your family related to your pets. Here is your chance to create and share some of those cute, sightly odd or plain ingenious sayings!!

We need to complete the alphabet from A to Z. Here are some examples. Please send in your own to add to the list at or add your alphabet letter to our facebook feed and be in a draw to win a $20 voucher to spend at your favorite pet store. The top two words/sayings will  win a 20$ voucher each.

Examples in black

Public entries in purple

B- Boyd = A male dog
C- Cat Nips = love bites from puss while playing

Cat loaf = when kitty has arranged herself into a loaf shape

Cackle berry = egg

Chooklet = young chook

E- Eggcellent = chook related awesomeness

F- Furship = Fur + Friendship

H- Houndlet = puppy

Hoonacorn = Cat hooning about in a majestic manor

K- Kneadling = when kitty is kneading you with her claws out

L- Love puff = Puppy fart

N- Newreader position = when kitty is in cat loaf but has her paws crossed in front of her, as if she is reading the news.

P- Puppinality = When very young puppies are developing their personalities.

Poonami / poolamity = any poo related mishap


S- Shnoodlelation = The love of Shnoodles
W- Walky talky = Excited to be going for a walk

Terms and Conditions;
No explicit language
Closing Date for competition is on the 8.03.19
Competition is for persons residing in New Zealand only.
Any content submitted into the competition can be used by Share My Pet for advertising purposes.

If you enjoyed this competition and would like further reading on all things pets and animals please go to our website Share My Pet and check out our news section. We have many more blogs, a media page or lots of information about pet safety. Happy reading!

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