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I grew up with dogs in my family home, and I credit being such a caring person due to the extra love that came with being around dogs growing up! Due to moving from America to New Zealand with my husband a few years ago; we are in rental apartment that doesn’t allow us to own pets.  I’d love to spend time with your animals in the meantime, while we are saving for our own house.

I live in Wellington Central, Im 25+years of age, I will care for your dog/s, give them walks, love, attention, and treats! Whilst you’re away at work or on holidays!

Trusting your pet with someone is a big deal! They are your family, your babies! So just like picking a babysitter!(I worked 5 years in childcare) I’m more then happy to sit and have a coffee for you to feel more comfortable knowing they will be well taking care of!


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