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My name is Hannah Fergusson, I am 24 years old, veterinary nurse student, a part-time worker at Halifax Veterinary Centre, SPCA volunteer and -if you hadn’t guessed- an animal lover!!

I have been a huge fan of the Share My Pet website since the start of 2018 and have had great experiences with each Sharer and pet I have met. The most common being with Lili and Dave and their rascals: Miss Muppet and Snout, two doggos full of personality and cuteness. I have had the privilege of taking them out, sometimes both together, for adventures and snuggles for about a year now, at an average of around once a week. That’s the joy of having this system/website. There is no absolute, set in concrete times or days where you get to whisk away the animal that you are caring for. Of course, each Sharer is different and has their own agenda, but message them in advance, find out what kind of times work well for both of you and you can generally play it by ear from there.

I can’t wait to continue spreading my love for all things fluffy, hairy, feathery and scaly while meeting some awesome people in the same stride.

Flick me a message if you would like to grace me the honour of meeting your fur baby.

(I have my full licence and a car for pickups and drop-offs.)

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