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I love dogs. I’ve owned other pets, including birds and cats, but dogs are just the best! My husband and I owned 2 German Shepherds and a Lab/Shepherd cross, all were rescue dogs. My last pooch, the cross, died 6 weeks after my husband died. I would have replaced her immediately but had no idea where life was going to take me, and owning a dog is a serious commitment so I decided to wait for a while. I lived for several months with a friend who had 2 poodles.  My husband and I called poodles ‘slipper dogs’, whereas we had ‘real’ dogs. I didn’t expect to take to the ‘slippers’ but I loved them just as much as I had loved my ‘real’ dogs. I discovered I am an equal opportunities dog lover! I walk along the beach at Mount Maunganui most days and love to see dog owners out with their pets. Until I can commit to owning another dog I would so love to share your dog with you.

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