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My husband and I moved to Auckland from Wellington for his work, and we arrived just before Level 4 lockdown. I gave up my gardening business for the move and am now looking for something to do to get me out of the house as I have plenty of spare time. We currently live in a rental (no pets allowed) while our new apartment is being built – pets may be allowed but the Body Corporate rules are quite strict. We are also away a lot due to travel, so it has always been tricky to commit to a pet as it wouldn’t be fair to leave it behind all the time. I’d love to make some new friends and explore the local area, going for walks, etc. I’ve never owned a dog but have friends & family who have dogs and I love hanging out with them. I really hope one day I will own my own dog. I enjoy going for walks (especially exploring the local area’s reserves and Cafes), and I also mountain bike, climb, ski and train in Aikido. I’m not much of a runner unfortunately. I used to have pet bunnies growing up, but haven’t had any pets since then as I was moving around too much. I also used to ride horses, but haven’t been on horseback for a long time.

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