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Canine Friends And Pet Therapy

Canine Friends and Pet Therapy

Share My Pet has been on a journey to get our two dogs ready to start sharing the love through Caninefriends Pet therapy. Congratulations to Miss Muppet and Snout who both passed their canine assessment here in Nelson and are now eagerly waiting their first trip to the Wood Retirement Village.

Canine friends is a voluntary NZ organisation providing competent and caring visiting programs where the benefits of canine company are shared with others. For any one  keen to join this wonderful organisation the process is simple. Go to and click on how to join. Read through the  application process and apply online. Your regional coordinator will contact you and meet with you and your dog for meet and greet. Your dog will be assessed for suitability based on temperament, training and age.

It was lovely to meet fellow dog owners here in Nelson that also are  beginning their journey to join Canine Pet Therapy and I think all of us, pooches included are going to have a really great time spreading the love and sharing our 4 legged companions with others.

Please link below to read more about the Caninefriends Pet Therapy. Share My pet will follow Miss Muppet and Snouts visits and blog about the adventures, people and highlights they encounter along the way !

(extract from website)

Dogs Helping People 

Canine Friends Pet Therapy is a New Zealand-wide network of people who share their friendly well behaved dogs with other people patients in hospitals and residents in rest homes and hospices.Pet therapy usually helps people in care who may be feeling isolated with a furry head laid on a knee, the touch of a dog’s silky coat, someone to listen, reminders of happier times.

Pet therapy works on many levels to make unwell people feel reconnected to the world.

Pet Therapy

Health research in New Zealand and overseas shows clearly that many people show great improvement in their health and attitude through interaction with visiting animals.

Many people benefit greatly from the natural affection that most dogs have for humans especially the elderly and unwell.

Canine Friends experience, and anecdotal evidence, shows that people are energised, comforted and entertained by visiting dogs.

Dogs give people a reason to communicate…and this can be the first step in ending isolation and loneliness..especially for rest home residents and those confined to bed or wheel chairs.

The first thing residents and patients do when they meet a visiting dog is reach out and touch them. This strong need is often not met in any other way when people are in long term care situations.

The touch of a dog usually sparks reminiscences and stories of loved pets and happier time

Everybody wins

Patients, residents.and staff look forward to the visits and thoroughly enjoy them. They also relive their own experiences with loved pets in the past.  After visits they share the experience again with other patients

Dogs enjoy being patted and scratched and talked to with affection and interest

Dog owners enjoy seeing patients’ faces light up as they are transported through the touch of a furry coat.

Pet therapy in action: enjoy these stories about our Canine Friends and the joy they bring to their friends and patients. 

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