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Bowl & Bowls tasty dog treats

Does your canine buddy love tasty dog treats? New kids on the block for quality dog and cat treats Bowl & Bowls are hitting the pet scene like a dog with two tails. Beautifully packaged with a variety of flavors, these treats are sure to get the A-okay from your furry friend.

Each bite equals 5 portions of fresh meat sourced from NZ. It is also freeze-dried using a -18 vacuum freeze-drying technology. The robust meaty toppings will have your pets begging for more!

“Our bites are 97% real meat with only natural extras such as Kiwifruit Powder, Hoki Oil, Goat Milk Powder and Parsley. The less ingredients the better to deliver what nature intended for your dog”

Recently Share My Pet had a friendly chat with the team at Bowl&Bowls. Below is a Q & A style interview we had with each other to find out more about the drive behind Bowl&Bowls.

Q) What has been the inspiration behind B&B?

A) It all started in 2014 with a furry new member joining the team. The fussy puppy’s name was Bowl who motivated our founder to start Bowl & Bowls. As a result this led founder Anna and her team on their journey to discover what it took to provide a truly healthy and sensational treat to share with every pet owner in Aotearoa .

“Seeing a positive transformation of health in pets and giving back to our community are our main drivers, and always will be.”

Q) Bowl&Bowls is quite an unusual name, how did it come about?

A) Typically we feed our pets and fur family out of bowls. Also, they are associated with food and yummy things. So we put the two together to form Bowl & Bowls. When something tastes so nice, why not name it twice!

Bowl & Bowls tasty treats- not just for canines!

Q) What’s the best thing about producing treaties for felines and canines?

A) The team at Bowl & Bowls love producing a product that has minimal high quality ingredients which we know are good for pets. It’s even better to treat your dog when you know what you’re giving them is healthy and natural. Also we love helping owners who have fussy dogs to get them to eat at meal times by providing a meaty topper. Our hope is to solve the problem of fusssy eaters and make pet owners lives a lot easier in the process.

Q) 3 words to describe the pet industry in NZ:

A) Community, Fun, Love

The New Zealand pet industry is like a big family who all have pets’ best interests at heart. They are also part of this great community of animal lovers and pet owners. Beyond our shores the world also recognizes the products coming out of NZ as being exceptional in quality. This is something to be really proud of! There is a sense of fun within the pet community that comes from a passion that goes into creating a great product and the love of pets just shines through.

Q) What are Bowl & Bowls future Plans?

A) By the end of the year we will be releasing 2 new exciting formulas for cats and kittens to enjoy! Because our pet cats are currently enjoying our irresisti-bites we are excited to have cat specific formulas for them.

Share My Bowl

Q) Tell us more about ‘Share My Bowl

A) Our ‘Share My Bowl’ concept was inspired by ‘Eat My Lunch’. So for every 10 packs purchased, we donate an equal value pack of food to the charity groups who are taking care of the animals who are yet to find their fur-ever home. 

Each bite equals 5 portions of fresh meat which is sourced locally and freeze dried 

Let your pet be the judge…taster packs available


Recently Share My Pet and Bowl&Bowls teamed up and are now working together to spread the love of happy pets and delicious nutritious dog treats nationwide. When you sign up as a premium Share My Pet member you will be sent a welcome pack. Included is a packet of B&B’s real fish treats, biodegradable poo bags from Little Green Dog, a Pics Peanut Butter slug, a 50 % off voucher from Feed My FurBaby and a few other treats to brighten your day.

Welcome packs are perfect to take on pet sharing dates! Woo your new furry friend with these delicious dog treats. The welcome pack is all about supporting other fantastic kiwi companies and spoiling our pets with great products. Woof to that!

We are always ready and available to help you find a purrfect match.

Woofs & Wags

Lili & Dave 
Top Dogs 

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